The demolition of ABCWAX

The Ashton Brothers built Newton Bank Printworks in Hyde in the early 1800's.

In 1899 F.W.Ashton became part of the Calico Printers association (CPA).

In 1908 the first wax prints (production Batiks using handblock) were produced.

In 1959, CPA purchased the swiss trading company A.Brunnschweiler, and in 1970 this became the company name replacing F.W.Ashton.

A.Brunnschweiler & Co was soon abreviated to ABC which later became the brand name of its wax prints in West Africa.

ABC was purchased by the Cha group in 1992.

In 2005, production of the standard ABC product was transferred to another group factory in Ghana called Akosombo Textiles Ltd (ATL)

All production ceased at Newton bank printworks at Christmas time in 2007.

During 2008, all the necessary machinery was transferred to ATL in Ghana.

During the next couple of years the site was decommisioned and cleaned up.

Early 2014, permission was granted by Tameside local authority to demolish the site;

This blog captures the site being demolished throughout 2014.

Follwing the removal of machinery and clean up, the buildings deteriorated over the next few years. And although windows were boarded, doors were padlocked, various intruders broke in to steal any redundant electrical cable they could find. The following slideshow shows some of the deteriorating rooms:-

Pinstenter Electrical distribution

Entrance to Batiks

Brugman room

Lodge water pump room

Bleach area

Bottom end yard roadway towards Clarendon road Bridge Feb 2014

The start of demolition on the wax melt building Mar 2014

Grey store March 2014

Yard between Caustic wash and Continuous crack buildings

Wax Melt building March 2014

Grey Store March 2014

Archive room for HR and payrol March 2014

Offices March 2014

Offices and old GDC studio stripped out March 2014

Pinstenter area Feb 2014

Asbestos removal in Pinstenter area March 2014

Bleach room March 2014